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    Export Dpt.:
    Tel:0086-531-87868105/87852456 Mp:0086-13954193972
    Fax: +86-531-58815866
    E-mail: aluhf@hotmail.com
    About Us

    "Shandong Huifeng Aluminium Co., LTD". Is a newly established aluminum processing production enterprise, restructured from state-run enterprise ,is located in China's" rose town "- PingYin county of Jinan city territory, covers an area of more than 600 acres, has 1600 employees, including professional technology personnel 162 people, fixed assets 530 million Yuan, it has 3 production factory and a joint venture factory, after years of development, the enterprise has electrolysis, cast-rolling, cold rolling, hot rolling, profiles and wire production line, etc. The main production equipment including 1850 mm single machine frame double curly reversible hot rolling mill , three sets of 1850 mm cold rolling mill, two sets of 1450 mm cold rolling mill , one sets of 2050 mm cold rolling mill, two sets of 2100 mm cast-rolling machine, eight sets of 1850 mm cast-rolling mill, 2100 mm crosscut flying shear machine six sets, 2050 mm bending straightening six sets, a 660 precision saw cutting machine , 260 meters roller coating production line, 20 sets of plate work processing equipment; Profiles production equipment including 3600 tons and 2800 tons extruding machine, 1350 tons 1300 tons and 880 tons double-acting extruding machine, 800 tons reverse extruding machine, 630 tons 500 tons extruding machine, tension straightening machine, 11 rollers straighter, tube drawing mill, rod drawing machine, 400 KW vertical quench furnace and six tube rolling mill production lines; Ancillary equipment including nitriding furnace, homogeneous furnace, and ageing oven, eight set of intermediate frequency induction furnace and oxidation ponds.

    We have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system authentication, and set up the professional testing laboratory, equipped with a spectrum analyzer, CNC tensile tester, at high magnification microscopy, hardness tester, etc, with our qualified technical personnel together, to ensure the product quality completely meet customer's requirements.
    Our main products including: aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, pattern aluminum plate, aluminum coil, color coated aluminum coil, aluminum circles, aluminum foil. And aluminum profiles we can produce aluminum tube, aluminum bar, seamless aluminum tube, aluminum angle, aluminum channels, aluminum slideway and industry profiles, extrusion material can produce from the series 1000 to 7000, all kinds of temper.

    The company has more than 200 kinds of products gain the title of "high quality product" from state, province or ministry, our products are widely used in aerospace, mould, instruments, chemical, construction, packaging, air conditioning, solar energy, refrigerators and other industries.

    Meeting buyer's demands is always our objects. Integrated products range give us more advantages. Shandong Huifeng Aluminium Co., Ltd will always insist on "provide best products satisfying customers, quick response and full service rewarding customers

    Tel:0086-531-87868105/87852456 Mp:0086-13954193972
    Fax: +86-531-58815866 E-mail: aluhf@hotmail.com aluhuifeng@gmail.com sales@huifenglvye.com
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